What is on the Horizon for Design Trends?


A lot of money is spent on the upkeep of homes each year, which includes doing some refreshers when it comes to décor and design. Most people want to be sure that they are making the most current choices, but don’t want to invest money in short-lived fads, and trends, that can be expensive. It can often mean doing some designing and adding new décor, throughout the majority of the home, so it has a beautiful new flow to it.

The Kitchen

Most will agree that the kitchen is the hub of the home. It is where a great deal of time is spent, not only on the preparation of food, and enjoying it, but also for casual socializing. This means that for a new project, all of the needs of the kitchen have to be met. Essential elements such as RTA kitchen cabinets will often become the focal point.

Ideally, focusing on those ideas that have a good chance of not being a come and go fad, will bring the best value. Some examples that many find appealing for the future that fit these criteria are:

  • Black appliances
  • Appliances that can be hidden
  • Blacks and greys in countertops
  • Hands-free technology

The Living Room

Design and décor for the living room also place some heavy demands on the homeowners. It is a room that serves a dual function. It is where the family opts to hang out and enjoy different forms of entertainment. For this purpose, the focus on the design has to be one that is compatible with the lifestyle of the family. When it comes to décor, it has to be carefully balanced, so it fits in with the environment of the room. The living room is often used for entertaining guests. For these purposes, décor will have to have the ability as coming across as being of higher quality, with a touch of formality. Some upcoming trends are:

  • Multifunctional furniture
  • Geometric patterns
  • Tribal textures

The Bedroom

If a whole new design is being created for the bedroom, then this project can begin with a clean slate. Otherwise, fresh paint, alongside what is trending in décor, can offer some quick solutions. On the horizon are:

  • Florals and wallpaper
  • Soft materials
  • Matching wood and floor paneling

The Bathroom

Out of all the rooms that are considered for a design upgrade, it is the bathroom that can be the most difficult; usually, because there is a designated amount of space to work with. The key here is undoubtedly to focus on the accessories that can quickly transform an outdated bathroom into an ultra-modern one. New choices may be:

  • A black bathroom, bold and brash
  • Grains
  • Clean lines

With some careful planning and research, new designing and updating, decor can be completed on a reasonable budget.