Bathrooms – Relax in Your Own “Spa”


Bathrooms (and kitchens) receive the most attention when it comes to making an investment in updating a home. The 1970’s coloured fixtures are returning (albeit in a different design) in “upscale” stores of the 21st century. Coloured and also patterned sinks are becoming quite popular in today’s vast world of décor and design. Bathrooms are the place where people want to go to relax and unwind in complete privacy. In the hustle and bustle of everyday living, a bathroom is decorated similarly to that of a high-end spa will definitely be the perfect “getaway sanctuary” that many yearn for in order to totally relax and be ready for the work world that always awaits the next day (unless you are fortunate enough to go to your home “spa” on a weekend!

Paint Equals Major Changes
There are so many specialty types of paint that are available on the market today that almost any change (with the exception of painted fixtures) can be accomplished simply by painting.

Dated cabinets miraculously become brand new with a high-quality coat of primer, paint made specifically to be extra durable, as well as new drawer pulls. Pink tiled walls can “disappear” with a couple of good coats of primer and paint so that they will match the walls and the pink tiles will “disappear”. Albeit temporary, it is also possible to paint bathroom counters with the right primer and durable finish coats. The look of granite or marble is easily achieved with the right technique and the talented hand. New light fixtures definitely make an “updated” statement also. If you must keep coloured fixtures due to budget restraints, bring in matching towel accents while keeping the rest of the room relatively neutral. It will look like a picture out of “Vogue” magazine!