Porches that Make a Statement


The porch is an important extension of living space, especially in warmer months. Fall and winter seasons can be reflected by the use of tiny lights inside urn arrangements, an inexpensive yet effective way to provide a pleasant nighttime view. Comfortable seating is the goal for those who want to enjoy the outdoors while staying close to home.

Type of Porches
Older or Victorian houses can have a front porch, as well as side and rear porches. These can all be decorated as impressive outdoor living spaces if you have the knack. Front porches also create a great first impression with all the unique furniture and accessories on the market today.

Wrap-around Victorian porches are perfect by creating more than one seating area, as well as the ultimate in privacy and beauty through the use of luxurious furniture, accessories, and plants. Fabric creates both privacy and a lovely atmosphere when it is lovingly draped around specific areas of a large porch.

Side porches are mostly functional but can still boast potted plants or a seasonal arrangement.

Back porches that are closed in and heated are considered to be 4-season “sunrooms” that can be stylish and fully furnished.