Making the Most of Balconies


Balconies are the only extension of living space that most apartment or condo dwellers are able to experience, so this is a major place for some well thought out plans and imaginative decor. Some of the most unusual and charming balconies can be found in Victorian homes and in some new home construction.

Types of Balconies
The Juliette balcony is one that can be found in some Victorian homes and also in new construction. These little balconies look great from the point of architectural interest and also provide an exit to the outdoors from inside the home. They usually have wrought iron railings around them which create a lovely, rich appearance and the perfect place to install planters.

Apartment balconies are of vital importance to the extension of living area and access to the outdoors. These can be decorated to reflect the season. It really is quite amazing what can be done to decorate the porch in an apartment or condo building. At its best, this can include the installation of peaceful fountains, archways of plants or vines that are reminiscent of “Versailles” and they can also be designed with strategic placement of fabric for ultimate privacy.