Tips for Outstanding Exteriors & Curb Appeal


The exterior appearance of your home is what will create a first impression for anyone looking at it from the street. This is referred to in the industry as “curb appeal”. It has been said that you “can’t judge a book by its cover”, but when it comes to a home, you certainly can! What you see on the outside will definitely reflect what is behind closed doors, especially if you have your home for sale. Pride defines feeling wonderful walking to your front door!

Make sure all articles (eg. toys, tools, garbage cans, etc.) are out of sight. Edging costs nothing but is a very effective way to improve the look of front grounds. From your walkways to your lawn, flower beds and around trees, you will achieve that “chiseled”, well-kept appearance simply through edging. Manicured lawns always make a property look cared for and well-maintained. Weeds can easily be eliminated with a mixture of vinegar, salt , and dish soap since chemicals are no longer popular.

House Exteriors
No matter what the exterior construction material, power washing and/or paint is the cheapest, most effective way to bring that look of “newness” to any house. The colours of today are quite different than they were in the 1980’s and are apparent in new construction. Stucco houses painted an entirely different colour (from white to navy blue) create a completely different look.

Doors and Trim
Repaint your garage door to reflect the new colours of today, making sure that it complements the existing brick or siding. The front door should always be painted in a “feature” colour. Refresh your trim with either the same or a new colour. Sample colour combinations can be found on most paint websites (e.g. Benjamin Moore, Behr, Home Hardware’s brand and many more).

Accessories and Walkways
There is so much that can be done to adorn a house exterior by redoing the walkways in flagstone or one of the many materials out there to choose from. Mosaic design, creative use of paving stones, as well as stamped concrete and other materials are impressive. Big cast iron urns either at the front entrance or at the base of the driveway is a wonderful way to keep the theme of the season with fresh flowers in the summer, tulip and daffodil bulbs in the spring, brightly coloured fall arrangements, and Christmas décor for the holiday season.