Impressive and Fabulous Foyers


The entrance foyer into your home (or larger condo) is one that should make a statement. It is what will set the tone for the rest of your home. By putting your “best foot forward” in your entranceway, you and your guests will walk into a pleasant and inviting area that is sure to please and welcome you.

Foyer Décor
Mirrors are a wonderfully effective way to reflect light into this space, so by having a large mirror with an impressive frame installed on the wall with a table beneath that holds a set of accessory pieces makes for a lovely combination. If the area is large enough, one could also add a chair or a table lamp to this setting. If you have a very large foyer with a large staircase, to place a beautiful table in the center with an impressive floral arrangement or sculpture as the main focus always makes a statement.

Staircase and Color Updates
In some homes, the staircase may be outdated. In order to modernize it, one can remove existing carpeting, place hardwood or laminate on the stairs, and paint the risers and the spindles on the staircase in white. The bannister can also be stained or painted in a darker wood shade with a high lustre finish to create a more luxurious look. Elbow grease and paint are two of the least costly, yet most effective ways to make changes to a staircase.

Of course, changing the colour of the foyer to one of the current colours makes a huge difference as does painting a two-story or cathedral ceiling foyer with a different colour at the top (creating a faux chair rail effect) instantly changes the feel of vast monochromatic walls into a more interesting and eye-catching area.