Living Rooms & Great Rooms – Impressive Spaces


Living rooms have long been known as “the showroom” while family rooms have been the space for most “family living” and gatherings. Of course, in a condo or apartment, there IS only one choice. Living rooms of today can be very formal or they can be the place to go to relax and watch television or read and visit with friends. In the 21st century, more and more people choose to entertain at home to “stay safe”. Great rooms are a combination of living and family rooms combined in various newer home plans.

There are many styles of furniture for the living room and family room as well as for great rooms.

From traditional to ultra modern and everything in between, people’s taste vary when it comes to style. The more formal the living room, the more traditional the furniture. The living room is usually more formal, while the family room is geared more towards comfort. From antique settees to posh leather furniture, living rooms are rooms where one entertains. On the other hand, some choose to keep the kitchen and family rooms as entertainment areas, especially if there is an open concept style between these two rooms. Comfort does not have to compromise on quality or style. The latest in furniture style includes ultra modern with lots of glass and the “minimalist” look when it comes to accessories. Even shag rugs are back (from the 70’s but in a different way). Dark wood is “back” on floors and in furniture, but it is an upgrade of the “dark” of the 70’s. One has so many choices when it comes to style so that eclectic can even describe what is seen in living rooms and family rooms because “family heirloom furniture” will always remain with other pieces are brought in to compliment these anchor pieces.

The days of pink and dark green are pretty much over in today’s world of décor that we all loved in the ’80’s. The colors are either monochromatic, which is the pinnacle of many styles, or there will be bolder colors that include feature walls to showcase a fireplace for example, or rooms being painted in two colors (two walls will be one color while the other two could be a complimentary color which could extend into another room if the wall leads to that room. This has such a “current” appearance.

The chair rail look was more popular in days gone by (different color on the upper and lower walls separated by some wood trim) but yet today, if you are to see two colors on the same wall, they are either at the top few feet or the bottom few feet in keeping with a particular theme. Walls can be off-white with two feet of navy blue above to match a set of navy blue leather couches.

Almost anything goes as long as the colours are coordinated and that could mean “the sky is the limit”.