Differentiating Between Decor and Design


Design and decor are two terms which go hand in hand in constructing creations and upgrades, so much so, that many people end up mistaking them for the same thing, or mistaking one for the other. However, while they are complementary aspects of the same process, they are fundamentally different.

Actually, experts in the two fields will tell you that the two are worlds apart. Well, that would require getting into intricate detail, but this article is meant to differentiate between the two to explain what to seek where and when, and also which one to use and why.

Difference in Meaning

Basically, design refers to the creation of built-up spaces from scratch; creating a structure where there was none. It is the conceptual stage of a building which involves taking into consideration factors such as light, weather, compass direction alignment and others, to come up with a model of how one would like their house to look.

Decor, short for decoration, is the art of beautifying an already existing structure, using different accessories such as lights, flowers and furniture. It takes into consideration the existing design to determine which accessory will fit where.

Complementary Aspects

As earlier mentioned, the two aspects complement each other. During design, which is mostly science, modellers need to consider how the finished structure will be decorated. Decor, which is more of an art, seeks to exploit the features of a design so that none of them is hindered.

A decorator needs to, for instance, ensure that the accessories they install do not block out light or air circulation. You will thus find decorators doing in-depth research about aspects such as how to keep a living space safe and healthy. They will make use of resources like those provided here to get an insight into necessary health precautions. A resource such as Livi, a mobile powered General Practitioner service, comes in handy to decorators.

Definitive Distinction

The elements and principles used in each of the two practices can be applied to show the clear difference between them. Design lays emphasis on elements such as form, texture, colour, space, line, pattern and light. It uses these to determine things like which direction a house should be oriented in, height, size of windows and harmonisation of building materials among others.

Decor, on the other hand, is based on aspects such as balance, rhythm, unity, emphasis, contrast and detail of its different components. The design comes first and has a significant bearing on how decor is done in a particular house. Therefore, decor suitability varies from one space to another. Decor, on the other hand, has the task of doing justice to the existing design by exploiting and enhancing its key features.