How to Launch Your Interior Design Business Successfully


Interior design is among the easiest businesses to start, especially if you have a passion for design, or you have pursued a course in the subject. In this article, we have shared some of the smart tips that will help you launch an interior design business successfully.

Go Online

In this internet age, most clients are searching for service providers online. Research shows that most of the online searches have local intent. That said, it’s crucial to invest in a website, and most importantly, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). On your website, showcase some of the design ideas you have and make sure your portfolio and previous projects are well displayed. Besides a website, make use of all other forms of digital marketing; for example, social media as well as print media.


Interior design is one of the niches that require flawless branding. Make sure you choose colours and art that are in line with your theme. Importantly, these colours should be consistent in your logo, website, and other marketing materials. Branding makes sure that your clients identify with your business just from the colours and the art in your promotional materials.

Free Services

It’s tough to get clients if you are a new business in the market. To lure some, offer free services, or give discounts to get your first clients. The former is an excellent idea as it works most of the time, but if you have budget constraints, a 30% to 50% discount will do. These first customers are essential as they will spread the word, and as you may be aware, referrals are a great source of leads that can convert.

Build Authority

There are other similar businesses to yours so to make sure you stay abreast of the competition, you will need to build authority in interior design. Here, make sure you have a budget for partnering with other related businesses and influencers who can help you build a name for yourself. You don’t want to launch a business that none of the household names identifies with.

Attend Exhibitions and Events

There are many interior design events, exhibitions and trade fairs where businesses have a chance to showcase their products and services. Take advantage of such events by booking a slot and show the world what your business is all about, and why clients should work with you.

The success of your interior design business is dependent on a lot of dynamics, including the launch. Make sure you plan carefully for the perfect launch as the hype around it can either build or destroy you. Above all, focus on customer satisfaction when starting out before you embark on profitability.