The Best Wall Designs for Your Office


Your office is the environment where you spend many hours every day. It’s also the place where you meet clients, concentrate on new projects and deal with the everyday challenges of your job. That’s why it’s important to create a space where you feel comfortable, that will boost your creativity and, ultimately, make you feel happy whenever you walk in.

An office usually features a pretty “technical” look, because of the presence of computers, printers and furniture associated with a working space (bookshelves, wooden or metal cabinets to store binders and paperwork), resulting in a fairly dull overall look.

But, did you know that you can change the whole atmosphere of your office with the right wall makeover? And there’s no need for a paint job. All you need are the right art prints, which are high quality posters that feature drawings, reproductions of paintings, or pictures taken by professional photographers.

How to Choose The Right Art Prints

You can choose between an amazing range of subjects, ranging from realistic photos and portraits to abstract drawings and artistically crafted geometric patterns. If you are a nature lover, you can opt for peaceful landscapes, trees, pictures of plants or flower arrangements. You can mix and match designs, as well as coloured pictures together with black and white prints: this will liven up even a simple white wall, by adding a sense of depth and “movement”.

The prints come in different sizes. You can decide to buy a set of posters of the same size and hang them up in a cluster or evenly spaced. If you’d like to hang a print behind your office chair, choose a single, large sized, horizontal print and hang it at about 50cm above the height of the back of your chair.

Shopping Tips

If you want to source the perfect art prints, you do not need to travel to art galleries. On the internet you can find interesting sites that offer comprehensive packages of prints and frames, that you can assemble at home. You can choose between different sizes of the same design and a good range of framing options. Plus, you’ll have the chance to browse through a very large catalogue of works of art.