Top Five Frugal Decor and Design Hacks


Revamping your space does not have to be expensive. There are several ways you can improve your environment without breaking your budget, as décor and design are all about creativity. Try out some of these hacks.

Re-Use and Re-Purpose Items in the House

People throw many items in the recycle bin, whereas they can use quite a number of them to make their spaces look better. For example, plastic bottles can turn into vases and other organisational items. Since re-using takes the pressure off recycling, you save the environment in the process.

Visit the Thrift Store

If you have to look for something outside the walls of your house, consider paying a visit to the thrift store. You might find several vintage items you could turn into décor such as old maps. Plus, you get to save some money while at it.

Practise Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Designs

Thanks to online content, you do not have to be a unique artist to practise DIY for home design and décor. There are thousands of videos online you can use. Also, buying the materials you need should not be as expensive as buying a ready-made item.

Rearrange the Space

Sometimes, all you need to do to make a room look better is rearranging a few items. Maybe move the furniture to a different corner, change your bed’s covers, or remove excess items. Getting rid of clutter helps with mental health as well.

Foster Creativity

The bottom line of frugal design is fostering creativity. You do not always need new expensive items to make a space look superb. You can easily print a few quotes, frame them, repaint a wall or two, change how you organise your books or add second-hand throw pillows to make rooms look different. With frugal décor habits, small changes create a significant impact.