Finding The Right Poster For A Design Space


Interior design projects can be difficult for people who are unsure of what to fill their available space with. When it comes to the walls, the best option is often a poster. Placing framed or unframed prints on each wall side will help the designer to express their own individuality. The ideal site to attain this from is Dear Sam. They have enough variety to appeal to practically any taste. There are several options worth considering.


This is one of the most popular design routes to go down. Whilst illustrations can make a room “pop,” there are few images more classy than those taken with a film camera. People interested in these can look through the Photograph Posters section of Dear Sam to find ones that will go best with their own room theme. They could choose pictures of famous faces or well known places.


Cartography as a design choice is popular with people who want their interiors to exude a certain retro feel. They could purchase maps of areas they have visited in the past. Alternatively, the maps may be of the local area that they live in. It is even common to see map posters of fictional worlds in people’s rooms. The great thing about these designs is that they are timeless enough to fit well in either newly built homes or older buildings.


One of the more recent design trends to appear is posters that are sound waves of popular songs. This allows the home owner to showcase the music tracks that are most important to them. The sound wave prints available from Dear Sam include a wide range of genres. This includes recent artists like Avicii, and Adele as well as iconic stars such as Prince and Bruce Springsteen.

Abstract Art

In the world of design, there are few things more versatile than abstract art. Whilst they tend to go better with modern interiors, these prints can be the centrepiece of practically any interior. These images are designed to instantly draw the eyes of people who walk in. They often contain interesting asymmetrical shapes that can be interpreted differently by anyone who looks at them. Abstract art is the perfect poster type for those hoping to make a bold statement.

Black And White

Some designers may be concerned about the colour of their posters and whether this will interfere with their overall room theme or not. For example, if their furniture and posters have different shades of red, these could end up clashing. If this is a potential issue, then they could opt for black and white posters instead. These two hues tend to go with most colour schemes.


One of the most commonly seen images homes are those of animals. These will often be exotic ones such as elephants, tigers, and others. Animal posters are great for livening up the mood of a room. They may be stylistically distinct illustrations or striking photographs.