The Scandinavian Look in Decor


As an interior designer, you undoubtedly need to be aware of the latest trends and understand how to put together a distinct look. Scandinavian decor is certainly a hot topic, and it is sure to remain so in the future. What exactly does the style encompass, and how can you source the most appropriate products? The concept of Scandinavian design is based on simplicity and functionality, with a minimal colour palette.

Minimal Colour

Just because the Scandinavian look embraces a minimal colour scheme doesn’t mean it has to be dull. The wall art company Desenio Europe understands this perfectly, and the fact that they are based in Sweden means they are innovators at the forefront of this trend. Their range of posters and prints are not only affordable but are also high-quality. You can achieve the Scandinavian look with a few well-chosen art pieces that stick to one colour scheme.

Style and Inspiration

On the Desenio website, you can check out some inspirational ideas of how to put the Scandinavian look together. They showcase different galleries, revealing how to position your posters for an eye-catching display. You can achieve a complete look, as Desenio also stock frames allowing you to personalise your artwork. They also use their own in-house creatives to design unique posters for the Scandinavian market.

Simplicity and Beauty

With an emphasis on simplicity, you will be spoilt for choice at Desenio. Their collection includes a selection of black and white prints, many of which use a simple line art technique, perfect for your Scandinavian look. The designs are printed on uncoated matte paper, which gives them a timeless, sophisticated look. Hand-drawn illustrations with clean lines are the very epitome of Scandinavian design.

Interior design trends change constantly, but the Scandinavian look is here to stay. A visit to Desenio will give you all the inspiration you need to achieve this modern, minimal concept. A collection of stunning prints and posters will be your starting point when creating the Scandinavian style.