Transporting Your Interior Design Pieces


As an interior designer, your life is never dull. It is full of challenges, and you never know what your next client may request. Designing is much more than adding a few accessories to a room to pull a look together. Sometimes, the entire space is outdated and needs to be started from scratch, including replacing the furniture. This can be a tiresome process, as you often need to wait for each piece to be delivered before you can continue your work.

Cut Out the Delivery Time

A much more efficient way of working is to collect the pieces yourself, instead of waiting for them to be delivered. This will be much easier if you use Work System for your shelving in your van. This renowned company can advise on suitable vehicle modifications so that you can transport large items safely and securely. Their solutions also include fitting drawer systems, which will be handy for you to carry samples of accessories and fabrics.

Using a Smaller Van

You may not find it necessary to have a large van as an interior designer. However, if this is your choice, you can still use a smaller vehicle as an efficient form of transport by having Work System fit a roof rack. Their Swedish-designed roof racks are the lowest on the market, allowing you to enter your client’s garage with no problems. Your goods will be safe and secure, and any valuable items can be stored inside the van, with the use of anchoring points installed by the work system.

By structuring your day around fetching your furniture items direct from the shop or manufacturer, you will soon gain a reputation as a reliable interior designer who keeps to schedule. Following advice from Work System, your transportation options will serve every purpose, allowing you to carry your designer goods with ease.