Open Concept Space Style Decorating


Open concept is one of the most current forms of design in condominium apartments and in houses. The biggest challenge here is how to decorate these spaces effectively. This relates mostly to the entranceway, the living room, dining area, and kitchen . Sometimes one will encounter a space that is 100% open so that a curtain or faux “wall” made of hanging stained glass, fabric or another material has to be installed.

Use of Furniture
Using the back of the couch is one of the most effective ways to delineate the living room/dining room from the hallway. “Angling” the furniture creates interest while at the same time there is a natural “separation” which creates a living space that makes sense. The eating area will appear “separate”. It is the effective placement of furniture that will determine the overall atmosphere to an open concept space.

When it comes to paint colour, only where there is a natural “break” (for example, at the end of the kitchen cabinets) can one change colours. It is very tricky to do this effectively, so when in doubt, bring colour in via accessories rather than changing paint colour if you are unsure.