Kitchens You Will Never Want to Leave!


The kitchen has traditionally been the room where most people go to congregate and to spend time when visiting in the 21st century (and in days gone by). Kitchens, by far, have seen the most significant changes in style and in function over the last several decades. In fact, in some new home design, there is no formal dining room because kitchens have evolved to the extent that the eating areas have become more formal, thereby eliminating the need for a separate dining room. It is the kitchen design of today which has been responsible for major changes to many new home floor plans.

Modernizing the Dated Kitchen
Other than tearing out all the cabinets, which is a very expensive project, there are ways to update older kitchens without breaking the bank. Paint and new cabinet pulls, as well as the addition of an “island” are the best and easiest ways to transform a dated kitchen. Replacing the countertops also makes a major difference. The upper and lower cabinets are now often painted two complimentary colours and a piece of furniture is repurposed to serve as an island. There is also the option of faux finishing countertops.