Traditional Décor, Antiques, and Shabby Chic


Traditional décor is timeless and one that can be used in combination with many of today’s more current accessories. This includes original antiques as well as antiques that have been modified, usually with paint and decals, and referred to as “Shabby Chic”. This is one of the more current styles of furniture to hit the marketplace and it is becoming quite popular. These pieces can be repurposed furniture (something intended to be used for something else) and lovely creations using old lace fabric and mason jars as well as well as chests of drawers that have been repainted. These drawers are used as separate accessory pieces and the original furniture base is redesigned with basket inserts instead of drawers. Another example of Shabby Chic is an old picture frame that has been painted and is hung from the ceiling to create a particular look in the corner of a room ”

Making Changes to Traditional Décor
The use of customized slipcovers over traditional sofas creates a whole new look while preserving traditional design. These can be purchased or custom made. “Feature walls” also make a striking decorating statement. Where there is an existing fireplace, paint the wall a bold colour. The whole look of the room will transform beautifully! Matching pillow accents brings the room together with the new wall colour very nicely.

Simply painting the room a different colour and adding accent pieces to match is a lovely way to make changes to traditional décor without changing its charm of yesteryear.

Another way to make changes to a room with traditional décor is to change the furniture placement. There are countless ways in which to change the location of main pieces and accessories in a room to give it a completely new and fresh appearance. Be creative!